Roof Painting

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Is your roof looking tired and deteriorated? Maybe those metal tiles are beginning to look like cracked teeth, or that corrugated iron is going through a mossy, mid-life crisis. Maybe those character tiles need a bit of tenderness to bring back the glory days. Whatever the problem might be, Decragard can give new life to your home, without needing to re-roof!

A roof painted with a Decragard roof coating is a re-paint that costs a third less than re-roofing. Our applicators work with care to thoroughly restore your roof - we even clean up after ourselves! The best part? You get to pick the colour - whether that be the old familiar or a fresh change, the choice is yours. With 18 different shades to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your home.

decragard 10 years warrantyLike any artist, our painters work from a clean canvas.Because we know a good paint job starts with a solid foundation, our first step is to check the security and stability of your existing roof. Your tiles will be treated to clean sheets and kill off any existing moss, algae or lichen that may be lurking. If any of those tiles look like they won’t last, we’ll be sure they’re replaced before we continue. From gutter to driveway we will clear out and clean up any detritus left behind. Rust treatments are also applied for any areas that need extra attention. From there, we get to painting.

Our roof painting service is comprised of a basecoat or sealant and a topcoat to enhance and preserve colour. The process will differ slightly depending on the type of roof you have, but we tailor each paint job to suit your particular roof.

With a 10-year pro-rata warranty, you can rest assured that your roof restoration will last for the long haul. Our licensed applicators are carefully selected and given top quality training. Our warranty is to ensure our high standards are consistently met. Decragard is an economical, effective way to transform the outside of your home.